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A yakuza of Chinese descent and a Japanese cop each wage their own war against the Japanese mafia. But they are destined to meet. Their encounter will change the world.
In Japan, after a massacre of Japanese and Chinese gangsters, the tough and persistent Detective Jojima is in charge of the investigations, while dealing with a personal family problem. His daughter needs to be submitted to a surgery and he needs to raise twenty millions yens urgently. He finds that the Chinese descendant Ryuichi has associated to a Taiwanese drug dealer and is eliminating the competition. In the end, their confrontation becomes a personal issue for both.
Buckle up and prepare as Miike action is heading your way! Litres of blood, tons of violence and some Yakuza grooves all accompanied by a very well-sounding soundtrack. It&#39;s fat, heavy and drop-dead beautiful.<br/><br/>I believe Miike did it again with &quot;Dead Or Alive&quot;, and it might actually be one of my favorite Miike pieces that I&#39;ve seen. &quot;Dead Or Alive&quot; is original in many ways and it&#39;s evident from the very beginning of the movie. Filled up with surprises to the max, this piece gives its viewer a joyful experience for an hour and 40 minutes where there is no room to relax. There&#39;s simply so much to enjoy here so why don&#39;t you dig in and rent this one today? I won&#39;t give any spoilers away here but darn, the development of the plot was at times really weird - in a good way! I believe the sequences in Miike&#39;s films are one of his strongest trademarks. Thumbs up, hats off.
This movie has a lot going for it. It is similar to Tarantino&#39;s movies in that it is definitely a genre movie. However, the director uses this to his advantage by giving us what we least expect to see when we least expect to see it. Over the top violence is present throughout the entire movie, but it&#39;s not just there to be there. Miike makes it over the top to distance himself from real violence. One of the things this film is famous for is its opening. It&#39;s a kaleidoscope of violence heaped on more violence, but the fast MTV style cutting can&#39;t disguise the real substance that becomes apparent in the rest of the movie. This isn&#39;t a timeless classic or anything, but is a great example of creativity achieved with a limited budget.
Takashi is a master of the jagged quick cut and the shocker finish, and his head-spinning story is pumped up with almost more bravado than a single screen can handle.
In the US an edited R-Rated version was released alongside the uncensored Unrated version.
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