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Lucas Snow was buried alive and has lost 3 days of his life. His best friend is murdered and the two top crime bosses are hunting him down as well as the police. Will he find out who set him up?
The film was something that I did not expect as I was just trying to relax with something new. The writing was better than most films today in that I did not figure it out. There were many twists and turns in this film but the Directing was what made the film an 8 out of 10. The camera work was really good and only a few lemons as actors throughout the entire flick. It made me think of TRAFFIC and the seedy and dark world that pulls you in and drags you down to it's level. At the same time, the film had many characters that were exactly where they needed to be so that it seemed like you were on the screen with them. Michelle was better in this than anything that I have ever seen her do. This should be a breakout role for Patrick Adams in that he is soooooo good in this film. The reason to watch this film can be summed up in two words: COWBOY JACK! This is a fact and this film is worth buying for Charles Wesley's performance in this film. Being conservative and with a bit of humility: " I want to dance for him at his bar TONIGHT!"
Simple words and phrases are how I describe this film. No Fat and Crap that is what today&#39;s theaters are full of so much. The best and worst of the film are clearly seen throughout. The thing that the film lacked was a Director. Looked him up and found that he was not up for this script. With an average Director, this could have been at the theaters. Now the good stuff: : The camera work, lighting, angles were good and it has a dark flavor that fits the film. : The Lukas character was someone that grew on you as the story goes along. The big thug killer was good and as advertised. The guy looked big and mean. : The Make-up was a little better than good and it was like a real experience<br/><br/>The Really good stuff: : The girlfriends and side kicks of the main characters were really good. The cops had ups and downs with scenes but if you buy the concept then : The medical guy was really good and almost a comic relief. : Locations were nice in that you moved into each location with ease and you were interested in each one of them.<br/><br/>The Great stuff: : Almost all of the leads were great in their roles. : The script was great and could actually have a sequel. ( I would like to see one ) : Music was great and fit the show in a great way. Unheard of artists and the title song was cool.<br/><br/>The Best stuff: <br/><br/>: Cowboy Jack ( If you have not seen the film, see it for this guy )<br/><br/>All in all<br/><br/>Creative Fun Exciting New Fresh Different

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